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Your companion for your Business Transformation journey

Business Transformation

Set Objectives

Companies seeking transformation define their objectives with our data-driven insights from our industry expertise

Define Processes

Our BPR consulting experts help you identify the limitations of existing processes and define new processes


Leverage our technological expertise in implementing the Digital Transformation wing of Business Transformation


Use data and analyze how the new processes have helped your transformation objectives

Achieve Sustainability

Follow a strategic approach versus tactical, to achieve long-term sustainable growth

Achieve Agility

Build a model that continuously evolves and improves, yielding better results over a period of time

Achieve Flexibility

Create a platform that can withstand disruptions, adapt new trends, and finetune process deviations without reinventing the wheel

Our Customers

100+ Customers all over the World

Automotive and Engineering

Petroleum, Chemicals, Plastics



Food & Health

Optimization & Algorithms

Order-based Production Planning

Multifaceted Solution to your Multidimensional Problem driven by the customer commitment objective

Finite Capacity Scheduling

Navigate your way through a pool of constraints to maximize the output without compromising customer commitments

Lean Production Scheduling & Execution

Manage smoothly the transition from Mass Production to Mass Customization

Manufacturing Line Sequencing

Configurable sequencing solutions targeted for assembly lines

Inventory Rationalization

Employ a mathematical approach to manage inventory variation and costs

Distribution Management Optimization

Model your distribution environment comprising all points within the network

Product Mix Optimization

An optimum product-mix based on objectives, commitments, and constraints, for situations where demand exceeds capacity

Genetic Algorithms

Good-enough optimized solutions delivered fast-enough, for practically unsolvable complex real-world problems

Mathematical & Statistical Algorithms

From LPP to Hypothesis Testing, our models provide the best-fit solutions for your problems

Product Development & Implementation

Product Development Lifecycle

FDS Solutions are best implemented with FDS Product Suite.
FDS Products follow best established practices in the product development life cycle.
Our team of Consultants, SMEs, Technology experts ensure smooth transformation of business needs into a product feature. 

Enterprise Application Integration

Integration among modules, applications, and systems is essential for implementing a comprehensive solution for a business challenge.
The integration helps transfer of data across entities, implement access control, and department-wise segmentation, makes establishing workflows, processes, dependencies easier, enables generation of reports and insights more easily.
Strong and seamless integration with external systems removes the need for manual, error-prone, and time-consuming generation of data.

Business Analytics

Delve Into The Past… For a Better Future!…

Keep yourself honest…

And be ready for tomorrow!

Use FDS BI Tool on existing data to perform root-cause analysis and generate reports
Leverage FDS Analytics capabilities to use past-data to get insights into business processes and company performance