About Us

FDS Infotech was started in 1985 with a vision to build decision support systems for effectively managing business processes.
Over the years we have developed a range of proven, flexible and robust products in area of SCM. We have executed projects in diverse industries like Engineering, Automotive, High Tech and Logistics.
FDS client list spans across 5 continents.
FDS, in its early years itself developed Decision Support Systems (DSS) and later went on to build the transaction systems (ERP) required to execute routine business operations.
We, at FDS, recognize that your business is different than the rest.

Why FDS ?

We understand the business pressures that are forcing you to shift more towards an integrated system. 
We know that you also require support in other areas than just the software to make such transition. Through our experience we know the possible pit falls during such switch.
The solutions offered by us are easier to implement, acceptable to employees and bring returns in a shorter span of time.
Our solutions ensure that your critical business processes do not lose their competitive edge in the change over.

The Human Factor – Critical for growth and success

  • A great stress on hiring the best available talent. Keep up with the times
  • Programs of on job and classroom training are undertaken on an ongoing basis
  • Stimulating, challenging and rewarding work environment
  • Contribute in your own way and grow with organization