“Made To Order” and “Assembled To Order” situations pose tough challenges. These stem from:

  • A wide product range and complex product structures is one complication.
  • The need to cut lead times, achieve on-time deliveries and cut inventories to the minimum poses a different kind of challenge.
  • The need to consider a variety of interrelated factors/constraints – Order priorities, inventory status across the supply chain, shop floor status, expected inflows of purchased raw materials/components.

The critical issue is not to maximize resource usage but to effectively manage a variety of available resources (materials, manpower and machines) cohesively to increase throughput, minimize lead-time and meet order commitments consistently.

FDS has built composite planning/scheduling systems to precisely meet these challenges. It gives you complete visibility into your operations and simultaneously enhances your operational efficiency. FDS APS systems overcome major lacuna of MRP systems, which assume infinite capacity and fixed lead times. FDS APS have full feature pegging and allocation capabilities. This helps you not only to track individual Customer Orders across the entire supply chain but also to identify constraints preventing its timely completion. Strong “What If” capabilities let you create scenarios to meet order commitment dates.

FDS APS has been implemented both in made to order and assembled to order situations across industries such as Pumps, Compressors, Automotive Components and Textile Machine Parts.

FDS APS systems can be deployed for planning/scheduling of single or multiple manufacturing plants. These systems generate feasible and effective plans/schedules to meet Customer Order commitments based on constraints of materials, manpower and machine capacities.