Sequencing solutions developed by us determine a highly efficient order in which a given quantity of product variants or models should be assembled on one or more assembly lines subject to a set of predefined hard and soft constraints.

Determining a good sequence is important as it affects cost of production, capacity utilization, quality and labor productivity. Although our Sequencing solution has been primarily deployed for assembly of Automobiles, the same solution with specific modification can be effectively used in assembly lines manufacturing White Goods, Electronic products and Computer Hardware.

Sequencing solution has been employed to work across Final Assembly, Paint Shop and Weld Shop for a leading manufacturer of Cars with a monthly capacity of over 25,000 vehicles across over 100 “Models + Variants within each Model”. The sequencer can generate a daily sequence for a flexible future horizon of up to 30 days.

Sequencing solution uses a fast and efficient Simulated Annealing algorithm. It is possible to work with a variety of hard and soft constraints. The constraints can range from capacity of individual assembly plants, change over times across models/variants, minimum/maximum batch sizes, maximum number of changeovers allowed per shift and so on. The generated Sequence fully respects applicable hard constraints and tries to minimizes soft constraint violation penalty. On a case-to-case basis specific hard and soft constraints can be included and for every constraint included in an installation users can enter constraint values on an ongoing basis.