FDS has built enviable strengths in problem solving, system analysis, design and product architecture over the course of 35+ years.
As a result, FDS excels in various domains ranging from consultancy to B2B portals

FDS Domain skills involve

  • Custom built projects
  • Technology Migration and Roll Out
  • System Integration
  • Quality Assurance

Optimization Tools

Supply Chain Management

Fully integrated ERP Systems

B2B Portals and Market Places

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Transaction Processing Systems in manufacturing, finance and distribution

FDS Domain Expertise brings

Solutions designed specifically for Manufacturing enterprises

Segment specific Solutions

Easy to implement and operate

Right fit design that meets objectives in focused manner

  • Product Development and maintenance

    Scheduling, Planning, B2B exchange, Clinical Trials

  • Custom applications

    CRM, Backoffice management, Portfolio management

  • Algorithm centric projects

    Optimization, Distribution, Mathematical modelling

  • Consultancy projects

    Strategy, Inventory control, Manufactruing management