FDS Lean Production Scheduling & Execution

True visibility on Order completion status in face of uncertainties related to availability of machine and common parts.

Features of FDS’s LPSE

  • The perfect fit for the requirement of mass customization
  • Keep inventory at optimum levels, keeping the costs in check without compromising production rates and smooth operations
  • Material allocation and reallocation made easy! Calculations are done by the system and not manually by humans.
  • Use of latest technology allows complex functionality to be built and executed in no time

Lean Manufacturing

  • High volume productions benefit significantly by embracing lean practices.
  • Lean manufacturing allows segmenting production into balanced lines.
  • It helps in increasing productivity and ensuring efficient delivery.

Modern Challenges in High-Volume Productions

  • High volume manufacturing has moved from mass production to mass customization.
  • High volume does not necessarily mean low variety.
  • Customers want to know the status of their customized product

Manufacturing Companies’ Objectives

  • Cater to increasing flexibility needs of the customer.
  • Run the production lines smoothly with optimum inventory, despite large variety of subcomponents.
  • Juggle between order-based-planning which is essential for on-time delivery to customer and part-based lean production lines in Lean Manufacturing

Limitations of the Planning Systems

  • Many available planning and scheduling software work in only planning mode and eventually thrust execution on the shop floor personnel.
  • These order-based APS systems cannot provide the visibility and quick re-sequencing that the lean production lines need.
  • Order based systems fail to construct detailed part level scenarios on a minute-to-minute basis which are important for ensuring an uninterrupted flow line.