We at FDS believe in looking at any business problem in an interdisciplinary way. Naturally we have on our roll Engineers, Business School Graduates, highly qualified Software Professionals, Statisticians and Mathematicians.

Our HR program lays a lot of stress in hiring the right people and later to constantly train them in the latest of technologies. Not just in their own fields of specialty but in related areas too. The work environment at FDS is stimulating, challenging and rewarding. This ensures that people develop and grow in the organization and contribute in bringing to the marketplace products of the highest quality.

At our Development Center in India, all the employees are exposed to Management Consulting, Algorithms and Information Technology. Only after acquiring expertise in minimum two out of these three areas, an employee is given project leadership.

Little wonder, that we enjoy one of the lowest manpower turnover rates in the software industry. In fact the entire senior management team has been with the company for over 15 years.