FDS has significant strength in the area of software system integration for specific applications. FDS has developed internal Enterprise Application Integration Platform (EAI) and has implemented a number of system integration projects using this internal platform. FDS engineers have also implemented solutions based on 3 rd party EAI platforms such as Weblogic, Websphere. FDS engineers have the knowledge to build data warehousing and data mining applications thus extending the offering. FDS engineers can execute large parts of the SI project from India thereby giving a tremendous cost advantage to the SI. Furthermore, whenever needed, FDS can depute its staff on site for deployment and customer training. These facts make FDS an excellent partner for System Integrators the world over.

In addition, FDS has a proven record of executing system integration projects covering: RUP methodologies for finalizing specifications, development, quality assurance, deployment, documentation, implementation and support. In these areas, FDS has the capabilities to handle system integration projects based on its own products or third party products.