This is a unique FDS product specially designed to harness and synergize the power of your present ERP or legacy system with FDS products in the areas of scheduling, advance planning and replenishment planning.

  • It can be configured and mapped to receive, validate and integrate data from your present business systems to FDS products. It ensures that the FDS products receive only valid inputs.
  • It also makes available outputs from FDS products for use by your present business systems. FDS Data Bridge is based on extensive Business Logic objects and components that have been developed by FDS over the years.
  • It can work with any transaction system irrespective of its data format, platform and technology.

The unique architectural features of FDS Data Bridge lead to:

  • Faster, stable and more reliable implementation.
  • Effective integration of your current business systems with FDS product suite.
  • No need to enter your already available data into FDS products.
  • Easy mapping of data dictionaries of source and destination applications
  • Validation as per source or target requirement
  • Data can be extracted from distributed and disparate data sources
  • Transactional level connectivity
  • Transformation of input data possible

In case of specific part of input data being not available, FDS products are supported with a data manager to maintain such inputs.

FDS Data Bridge comes with a mapping mechanism to identify and map data -- formats such as text file or Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets -- from input files into FDS Database and vice versa. Screenshot A

FDS Data Bridge, using its in-built features and business rule definitions, validates the data before it is passed on to the relevant FDS product for processing. A sophisticated Error Log Mechanism provides details of input data that is not accepted. This mechanism makes it easy for you to effect the required corrections in the data so that FDS Data Bridge can transfer it to the FDS products.

FDS Data Bridge ensures that outputs from FDS products are made available to you either in text file or in Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets formats. Output data available from each FDS product is clearly documented. This makes it easy for you to use it as input for your business systems