• FDS BI Tool moulds raw data into critical business information and empowers you to take well-informed decisions.
  • It is easy to use and does not require any programming skills or use of complex queries to work with data. More importantly, it can be used with equal ease with all FDS products since it is native to the FDS Database Schema.
  • It is designed to effect substantial savings in information extraction and management.

To help you take critical business decisions FDS products come with an exhaustive set of outputs like XML, HTML, Excel, Text and PDF.

The FDS BI Tool integrates seamlessly with FDS database and is versatile enough to configure and create special information that you may need.

It has a visual environment for specifying database interactions as well as a layout with an easy-to-use GUI.

Experts and Wizards guide you through common tasks such as selecting tables, selecting fields and records, grouping, sorting and formatting. You can define outputs that have a complex logic as also executive summary reports. BI Tool has an extensive formula language. It is fully capable of generating reports that accept parameters at run time.

Click here to see a screenshot of a report generated by Business Intelligence Tool