FDS Production Planner is an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System.

  • It imports holistic information from your business systems, checks for data consistency and generates superior and realistic plans / schedules.
  • It overcomes the limitations of MRP planning systems, which rely on simplistic and often erroneous assumptions such as infinite capacity and fixed lead times for manufacturing orders.
  • It generates plans that are based on your customer needs, stocking requirements, supply commitments, finite resource availability and other operational constraints, giving you thereby much greater operational control

Combining the power of a planner and a finite capacity, multi-constraint scheduler, FDS Production Planner helps you take correct decisions affecting your entire supply chain.
It makes available a realistic and achievable plan that:

  • Maximizes output from your limited capacity
  • Improves asset utilization.
  • Improves on-time delivery performance.
  • Effectively collaborates with your partners across the supply chain because of accurate date commitments.
  • Reduces cycle time as it harnesses the combined power of planning and finite capacity scheduling.
  • Reduces inventory levels across the entire production supply chain.