A rule-based, multiple constraint, finite capacity scheduling system that:

  • Bridges the gap across your high level plans and shop floor capabilities and constraints.
  • Builds greater visibility for weeks into the future by generating realistic schedules.
  • Is designed to work with equal ease in a stand-alone mode or can be integrated with your ERP or other business systems.
  • Packs together powerful scheduling, modeling, "What if?" scenarios and shop
  • floor update capabilities to emerge as a comprehensive manufacturing management system.
  • Has the capability to replace a conventional ERP system in "Made to Order" business .

This versatile tool helps you to plan your shop floor capacities proactively. It has the ability to simultaneously consider a host of resource constraints and production environment factors such as machine, manpower, tool resources as well as shift times, holidays, weekly offs, machine down times, machine to machine transfer times and so on. This scheduling tool shows up potential bottlenecks before they confront you, brings about better visibility on the shop floor and helps you improve your due date performance.

Saves Costs… Optimizes Resources

  • Harness your real production capacity to increase output.
  • Carry out 'What If 'analysis prior to buying resources
    and thus reduce capital expenditure.
  • Give realistic delivery commitments.
  • Cut WIP, outsourcing and logistics costs.
  • Increase overall shop floor efficiency and throughput
    while finished good inventory is reduced.

In short sharpen your decision-making ability and improve the competitive advantage in the market place!

Robust Design

FDS Production Scheduler is easy to work with, needs hardly any customization, interfaces very well with the business systems and has many configuration options.

It is so rich and versatile by way of its design features that it can double up as your Production Management System and in "Made-to-order' businesses obviates the need for a conventional ERP system.

  • Bring in greater visibility due to 'Capacity to Plan' feature of FDS Production Scheduler.
  • Its built-in 'What if' capability enables you to simulate different scenarios and generate schedules which can be compared with 'as is' schedule. This can help you zero in on the best possible alternative.
  • Comprehensive capability to generate real-time updates of orders for production and resource availability result in realistic schedules.
  • Quick shop floor actions can be taken since outputs like Manufacturing Order Cards, Machine Loading Charts, Material Issue Slips and Route Cards are provided.