Are you at your wit's end with your present ERP System?

It is quite likely that your business is trying to struggle with your present ERP system or the System Integrator. You probably wonder whether you were better off without the ERP? Or when would you really see the benefits of ERP that were promised to you? Worse still you are already in Post-ERP depression.

If it's you we are talking about, please do not lose heart.

FDS Production Scheduler is a versatile SCM tool specially designed for the mid-market's 'Made-to-Order' segment. All you need to do is to let this tool take on all the planning and scheduling activities across your own and your supplier's multi-plant locations. That would leave you with only the financial and accounting task that can be easily done by any reputed ready-to-use software package.

The versatility of FDS Scheduler is based on our sound design philosophy. We call it "Minimal Interference". Simply put, we believe in the dictum "if it ain't broke don't fix it". This policy stems from our concern for your bottom line. If the total cost of deploying an ERP system across you business processes, together with all the hidden costs, can be the reason for the downfall of your business, then it is a case of remedy being worse than the disease.

FDS Scheduler has the capability, thanks to its robust design, to straddle enormous amount of material planning and scheduling that typically goes into manufacture of any high-priced, low-volume, made-to-order product. Which means you are able to gain control over numerous potential bottlenecks either at your suppliers' end or on your own shop floor. Avoiding bottlenecks before they occur and to insulate your operations with either excess inventories or stock-outs brings about not just lower costs but also improved visibility. Since there can not be any economies of scale because of its vary nature of business, a typical Made-to-Order shop floor can easily run into cost over-runs if raw materials, sub-assemblies and bought-out components are not planned and scheduled with high precision.

FDS Scheduler is designed to do just that.