This solution was developed for Sugar industry. Sugar content in sugar cane crop follows a bell shaped curve over the period of the crop life depending on the variety of sugar cane. But, the farmer is paid a fixed price per ton. This is irrespective of the sugar content from lot to lot. Therefore, the objective was to develop a harvesting schedule, for all sugar cane fields feeding a Sugar Mill, in such a way that the sugar content available to the sugar industry is maximized. The business problem calls for a statistical forecasting, which would enable forecasting of sugar content in cane for approximately 10,000 independent farms. On the basis of this forecast and given the transportation constraints a harvesting schedule is to be given. There were additional constraints such as crushing capacity, availability of labor for harvesting and interior farms cannot be harvested unless the outside farms are harvested.


This solution was implemented at two sugar mills in Western Maharashtra, India.

Tools Used

Based on proprietary optimizing algorithms developed by FDS.