FDS carried out a consulting assignment in the areas of:

  • Inventory Management (The objective of the assignment was to improve on the service levels to the end customers and cut down drastically on the inventory level), and
  • ERP System implementation


Sandvik ( Asia ) Limited, Pune , India

Project Scope

  • This company manufactures approximately four thousand end products from six basic raw materials. The raw materials are imported and the end products are largely sold in India . The manufacturing process has four major steps in it. The assignment involved deciding on inventory levels dynamically at each of these steps. The inventory of finished goods and of raw materials was also to be decided.
  • FDS. developed statistical forecasting models for estimating the demand for intermediates and raw materials. Further complete logistics were studied between Europe and India for determining time taken for transportation of raw materials to India . On the basis of this, inventory levels were decided. FDS succeeded in bringing down the inventory by 66% at the same time increasing service levels for the end customers.
This company had its own ERP developed in Europe and used all over the world in about forty countries. FDS first of all provided its services for implementation of this ERP. Detailed specifications were developed by us and provided to the European ERP provider. After this entire implementation, including training of personnel, was carried out.