FDS. has worked extensively with two logistics companies in India . Consulting assignments were taken up for these companies. This involved studying their existing business, recommending new strategies, organization structure and systems for them.


These assignments were carried out for AFL Limited and Ghatge Patil Transport Limited. AFL represents DHL in India . It also is a major logistics, clearing and forwarding and general service agent to several Airlines in India . Its travel division is in association with Carlson Waggonlit Inc.

Project Scope

  • Details of operations were extensively studied. Further a comprehensive design blueprint for a chain of warehouses, hubs, routes, call centers, enquiry on web etc., was provided. Various optimization algorithms were also suggested. Detailed functional specifications were drawn up for this system. These companies do not have collaboration with any global logistics company. As a result they have to build their management systems on their own. Details of systems integration with other logistics company and cargo handling companies were also provided as a part of functional specifications. The specifications gave how accounting entries are to be passed while integrating transactions across different companies.
  • FDS also provided detailed functional specifications for carrying out fourth party logistics. This is where the logistics company does not own any physical assets such as warehouses, hubs or trucks. The company would provide only the systems and business management.