Application repackaging refers to customization of an application deployment. This customization is based on the policies of an enterprise. Customization typically means a silent install with pre-selected features of the application. This helps to standardize installation in an enterprise to make support easy.

Repackaging was done using Wise Package Studio. Wise package studio is an enterprise integration solution, which provides advanced packaging and project management functionality. Repackaging was outsourced to FDS by an American company to create installation for their various customers using Wise Package Studio.

Project details

The project was managed using a web-based project management tool. Each new application to be repackaged would be identified by a project number. Customers could upload the applications to be packaged along with the information on what customization is required. FDS would download the application and accept the project if the specifications were complete. FDS would then carry out repackaging / testing and upload the repackaged application. The customer tested this and if found correct the project would be marked as complete.

Detailed knowledge of the Windows Installer service, registry entries and operating system details are the key requirements for repackaging any application. A lot of exposure to installation development environment is required to create good installations and to repackage applications.


Following technologies were used:

  • OS - Windows NT, XP
  • Database - SQL Server 2000
  • Installation tools - Wise Package Studio 4.6


Setup Capture is used as a repackaging tool in Wise Package Studio. Setup Capture performs a preliminary scan of the system. When the scan is complete, FDS engineers run the application installation. Then setup Capture performs a second scan, identical to the first one. By comparing the differences between the pre-installation and post-installation scans, Setup Capture can generate a new Wise installation that reproduces the effects of the original installation program, including registry entries and files.

Then package created with Setup Capture is customized using Windows Installer Editor and compiled.

The Package Validation tool is used to check installation package for errors based on predefined rules. It also verifies for Internal Consistency, Component design, File duplication, Advertising support and Uninstall support.

Then repackaged application is installed and tested as per client specifications. Uninstall of package has to be tested to make sure all the registry entries, directories and shortcuts are removed correctly