Cytel Statistical Software, a USA based company, specializes in building statistical products in the areas of exact statistics, logistic regression, and data mining. Egret is a statistical package that specializes in offering modeling and graphics capabilities to investigators conducting epidemiological and biomedical studies.

Project Brief

The objectives of the project were:

  • To migrate Egret, a MS DOS product based on Fortran, to Windows environment under C++
  • Other Cytel products use Case Editor, a sophisticated Data Entry component. The idea was to first enhance data handling capabilities of Case Editor and to integrate it to Egret.
  • To build a Windows based GUI. It should connect to Case Editor to read input data, display input data, and allow users to edit input data and provide outputs in the form of reports and graphs.

Project Details

The source code for the MS DOS based software was handed over to FDS along with the printed manual. After studying the Fortran code an action plan was prepared. The major milestones were identified, which were as follows:

  • Compile source code with Microsoft Fortran
  • Design Windows UI in Visual C++
  • Cull out UI centric code from the Fortran code
  • Interface the Visual C++ UI with the Fortran executables
  • Enhance the UI for text outputs
  • Translate the Fortran code to C++
  • Enhance the Analysis models to handle more data
  • Enhance Case Editor to handle more data and from diverse sources
  • Enhance data viewing and editing facilities of Case Editor
  • Add support to Case Editor for visual display of outputs
  • Integrate Case Editor to Egret


During this effort the following tools and Operating Systems were used:

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft DOS 6.2
  • Windows NT 3.5, 4.0

Development Tools :

  • Microsoft Fortran,
  • Visual Studio 4.0,
  • Install shield

Third party visual controls :

  • Formula 1 Grid editing
  • First Impression - Graphing
This project was completed with five man-years of effort.