Project Brief

The objective of this assignment was to conceptualize, design, develop and build Services ERP an enterprise application to handle business transactions related to services, contracts and billing. Critical issues to be addressed were reliability, robustness, speed, visibility, tractability and consistency of data. Further, the project was to establish processes and practices, which comply with section 404 of US federal law.

Project Details

FDS Services ERP provides a backbone for all enterprise business processes ranging from contracts to billing. It establishes a standard for entering and maintaining data of contracts, services and change requests. The highlight of Services ERP application is the Project Tracking capability, which consolidates and presents data for consumption, billing and revenue. Services ERP is a closed loop system, which is directly linked to the current accounting system in use.

Services ERP was developed and deployed on Microsoft platform using SQL Server 2000 database. Web UI was built using ASP .Net and other third party tools such as Infragistic controls. Separate COM+ component layer was introduced which provides core business logic and performance enhancing routines.

Tools such as Rational Rose were used extensively during design and development stages. Knowledge transfer was attained using the MS SharePoint portal, which provides effective mechanisms of sharing data, documents, issues and requests.

Entire project was carried out in 25 person-months over a period of 5 months.