RPS is a generic configurable scheduling solution from i2 Technologies that produces detailed schedules for multi-stage manufacturing processes. These optimized schedules enable you to maximize throughput, efficiency and response to customer demand. With Production Scheduler, you can create schedules that take into account the various business rules governing your factory. These business rules, or constraints, can include capacity limits, setup time and cost, due date requirements, work-in-progress (WIP) minimization, material availability, and so on. Production Scheduler generates and optimizes schedules that balance a large number of constraints.

Project Scope

  • Enhancements related to scheduling logic, user interfaces, and additional features.
  • Customization and fixing software issues for specific customer installation.
  • Contributed to development of a Thin Client version.
  • Developed scripts to port the application from Access to Oracle and DB2.
  • Prepared Test Plan and Test Cases for the enhancements issues.
  • Black Box testing as per the test plan.
  • Developed automated Regression Testing tool in OSL for all the constraints in the Production Scheduler.
  • Converted common integration services from Webmethods to RMI.
  • Built installation kit using InstallAnywhere.
  • Worked to enhance the integration capabilities of Rhythm Production Scheduler with other products from i2 Technologies.

Technologies Used

Java, Swing, JSP, Optimized Scheduling Language (a proprietary language developed by i2 Technology), Perl, WebLogic, Oracle 8i, Webmethods, InstallAnywhere, TestDirector.