Deluxe is engaged in production, manufacture and distribution of films, videos and DVDs. It has state of art processing and manufacturing facilities in North America , Canada and Europe . Twentieth Century Fox, Focus and Sony Entertainment are some of their prominent customers.

The aim of this project was to develop a web based B2B Portal, which would allow customers to place purchase orders and shipping instructions on Deluxe. It is in fact a full fledged Order Management system.

Project Details

The web based B2B system essentially needed to capture all the data that was exchanged between Deluxe and its customers. This data included the bill of material for each Movie title, the purchase order details, amendments to the purchase order and the shipping instructions.

Deluxe had no electronic system for this process; the B2B System was developed from scratch. It involved understanding the existing manual process, identifying the exceptions and interacting with end users to come up with a model for the system.

An entire application framework was designed to support key elements of a web-based system like security, robustness, transaction support, UI uniformity, speed and scalability. The system essentially had three broad layers namely the Persistent layer, the Business Logic layer and the Presentation layer

Persistent Layer:

The database interaction relied on the transactional capability of the IBM WebSphere. All the database interaction required by the system was handled through stored procedures. This avoided the need of hard coding SQL statements in the EJBs.

Business Logic Layer:

The entire workflow was broken down into components. This split up was based on functionality such as UI support, business process and persistence. This n-tier structure aided the reuse of components. As the system was being developed ground up, the business process would be refined as the project progressed. The component architecture suited this development. Almost all of these components were coded as EJBs. Helper components that did not contribute to the workflow were coded as standard Java classes.

Presentation Layer:

A prototype of the web UI was proposed to Deluxe and based on this, various UI components were built as JSP tags. Similarly helper classes were written to interact with the EJBs.

Technology Used:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Red Hat Linux 7.0
  • Database: Oracle 8i and 9i
  • Language: Java, XML, HTML
  • Special Tools: Toad 6.0, Eclipse 3.2 with plug-ins for Ant and Visual Source Safe, Ant, Visual Source Safe, ER-Win, Rational Rose, Test Director, Win Runner, Microsoft WASP.
    Application: IBM Web Sphere 5.1, BEA WebLogic 6.0


The existing manual process at Deluxe was studied and documented. Use cases were made and verified with Deluxe. Deployment environment was discussed and finalized. A prototype of the system was built and verified with Deluxe. Using the RUP process the system documents like Use cases, class diagrams, sequence diagrams were crystallized. Milestones were decided. On reaching each milestone the application was deployed at Deluxe for their review.

Five man-years of effort were spent in completing this project.