FDS has developed parallel application framework on .Net and J2EE platform for quick development of enterprise or web based applications. The frameworks cover database interaction, transaction processing, business processes encapsulation and ease of implementing any business rules. The frameworks isolate all the application logics at the server end to enhance data integrity and ensure security. The front-end part of the framework has support for web interface as well as rich client interface. Under the .Net framework the Web Interface involves web controls while on the J2EE platform this involves JSP Tags. The rich client can use a wide variety of UI components commercially available under the .Net platform. Under Java platform FDS has designed and developed a large number of Swing UI components to enhance the look and feel of the rich client.

FDS has also built tools around the framework to generate different kinds of components based on the framework. FDS developed frameworks are ably supported by tools for defining data dictionary, generating business objects and EJBS and templates for Web pages.