FDS possess skills to build custom distributed web applications under Microsoft's .NET Platform. Whatever be the nature of the application, an enterprise solution, B2B web portal, or a communications portal, FDS .Net team can ensure high quality and fast delivery.

FDS has its own Service oriented architecture, which is based on the Microsoft Design patterns. This framework leverages the underlying .Net framework primitives to build a rich platform for Enterprise application development. This technology is used for developing Enterprise applications both for FDS products and third party offshore development projects. The framework is flexible and thus allows replacement of components, ease of deployment and ease of maintenance. Some of the features of the framework are:

  • Security - Can be custom database based, LDAP based or ADSI based.
  • Database Agnostic - The framework can communicate with most of the standard databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 etc.
  • Rich in communication functionality; integrates with MS Exchange and MSMQ.
  • Business logics isolated at server level.
  • Framework includes FDS developed products like Data Bridge and Business Intelligence Tool. Data Bridge can be deployed effectively for enterprise application integration. Where as, FDS Business Intelligence Tool is a feature rich product for data extraction and reporting.
  • Web interface as well as Rich interface.
  • Business processes exposed as web services.

FDS had used this framework to deliver a custom built solution to Tata Motors Limited for sequencing, planning and scheduling of their Car plant in India . This framework has also been used for building a data extraction and billing system for DATATRAK , USA.