Business Analytics

From operations to supply chain, from day-to-day management to governance, ERP Analytics will help you retrospect with ease and forecast with confidence

Business Analytics holds the key to successful Business Transformation

Business Process insights

Product Quality Control

Productivity Improvement

Throughput Improvement


Predictions and Proactive Measures

Planning and Scheduling

How FDS Business Analytics Can Help Your Manufacturing Company?

Sales Analytics

Analysis of due date commitments and dispatch delays, against key parameters such as time, geography, customer type, and other external factors

Demand Forecasting

Predicting demand based on past data using time-series and machine learning methods

Inventory Optimization

Cost-benefit analysis for inventory optimization approaches and solutions

Product Quality

Data-driven insights into processes and operations that are causing issues in quality of production, Analysis of rejection during manufacturing

Supplier Performance

Analysis of suppliers based on delays, quality of material received, costs, ease of business, and other parameters