Transaction Management

Integrated and mission critical transaction processing systems covering entire spectrum

Transaction Management System


  • Engineering
▪Item Master
▪Bill of Material
▪Engineering Change Management
▪Route Sheet management

  • Planning
▪Material Requirement Planning
▪Finite capacity scheduling

  • Manufacturing
▪Manufacturing Order Management
▪KANBAN generation and priming
▪WIP tracking
▪Quality Assurance
▪Outsourcing Management

Stock Management

  • Stores & Transactions
▪Receipts and Issues
▪Multiple UOMs
▪Physical stock recording
▪Consumption recording to Profit      and Loss Account

  • Stores Management
▪Store Definitions – GS, FC, FG
▪Lot Tracking
▪Inventory accounting
▪Fast/Slow/Non-moving inventory      identification

  • Valuation
▪Inventory Valuation – FIFO/LIFO/Weighted
▪Product Costing (standard and      manufacturing order wise)

Sales & Purchases

  • Sales Order Management
▪Product Master, Customer Master, Price Lists
▪Inquiry, Quotations
▪Order Valuation
▪Dispatch (Stock allocation, picking,packing slip, dispatch)
▪Sales Invoice

  • Purchase Management
▪Supplier Master, Supplier Contracts
▪Inquiry, Quotations
▪Collaborative exchange of supply schedules with vendors
▪Purchase Order Management
▪GRN & Inward Stores recording

FDS Planning System

Plan your Planning!

  • Combines new orders and existing orders to get a fresh new plan satisfying all of them.
  • Lets you decide clubbing period of manufacturing orders within specific time buckets.
  • Works very fast, causes no downtimes, and can be run at any time.

Manages Constraints

  • Is a multi-constraint planning system for a truly multi-echelon manufacturing setup.
  • Addresses simultaneously material, capacity, manpower, tool constraints.

Get The Most Accurate Plan

  • Provides Stock allocation capabilities and multilevel pegging capabilities.
  • Accommodates yield factors, lot sizing, and safety stocks while generating requirements
  • Bulk or individual release of Planned requirements.

Production Scheduling

FDS is one of the pioneers in Production , starting as early as 1988.

Mould/Die Shops, Press Shops

Machinery Manufacturers (Boilers, Machine Tools, Engines)

General-purpose Machine Shops


  • Multi constraint scheduling system that simultaneously considers Capacity, Manpower and Tool constraints.
  • Dynamically generates Lead Times based on Order Load and finite availability of machine, manpower and tool capacity
  • Comprehensive WIP accounting
  • Powerful “Capacity to Promise” capabilities
  • Large number of scheduling rules to choose from
  • Route Sheets to define setup, cleanup, production
  • Allows linear as well as networked route sheets. Schedules based on such constraints
  • Transfer batch features and capabilities
  • Powerful features for grouping similar orders to be scheduled on common machines
  • Rich and easy to understand outputs in the form of Gantt charts, Zoom Views, Graphs etc.
  • Order link definition through Bill of Material, manually or based on data imported from outside business systems.
  • Multiple machine definition for scheduling individually or simultaneously on selected machines
  • Split factor (number of splits allowed) definition at each operation
  • Interactive operation drag and drop, data editing, batch splitting
  • Locking/unlocking operations individually
  • Suspending orders at operation level
  • Features to download required data from other business systems quickly and easily